Monday, July 28, 2008

Road to Beijing Part 1

So we arrived in Japan where we are holding our final Pre-Olympic camp in Chiba on monday. We were hit with a wave of heat and humidity as we left the airport for our "limousine" (just a bus unfortunately) which has not let up at all and also experienced 4am sunrises - a wonderful way to start the day when you are still tired from traveling, have left the curtains open and don't need to be up for another two hours!! It has been wonderful though so far, trying to work out where we need to go when everything is written in Japanese has been fun. And the Japanese to English translations have certainly kept us amused! The people here are wonderful and so ridiculously helpful! Although we have encountered a few problems with the miniature size of EVERYTHING!!!!I swear that the dinner plates we got on the first night were the size of our bread plates at home, and I am finding that my head almost touches the top of the door frames - our rooms were definitely not made for the two giants that we have on our team!!!All that said though, I am really enjoying being here in Chiba, it's a nice city, I could get used to the weather and the hotel has provided us with larger plates and portion sizes! It's also been great to be with the full team and wear our uniform. What an experience to be a part of! I will put pictures in the next blog entry to show what the place is like and illustrate our adventures so far.


Kelly-Anne said...

Hayley Hayley kinda thikin that me and Japanese doorways arent going to get along very well!
Did you have to go and ask for bigger plates?
Moss's mum and dad were on campbell live last nite (i think it was last nite)which was p cool!
anyway its cold here and flooding down south!!
have fun and remember the photos! lol

WesWigginton said...

Hey Hayley,

You can bet all the Wigginton's and family in Austin, Texas will be rooting for you. We're all so proud of where you are and we know you'll represent New Zealand well. Go Girl Go!!!!!